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Your Complete Guide to Colombiana Boutique Jeans: Which is Best for You?

Sometimes, our booties could do with a little help to look fabulous but it seems like we can’t win! Fortunately, Colombian butt lift jeans have come along and saved the...

Have you ever wished for a J-Lo or Nicki Minaj butt? If so, you’ve likely wondered (or even Googled!) how to get one without dancing all day every day. While those beautiful ladies seem to have won the booty jackpot, the rest of us aren’t always so lucky.

Sometimes, our booties could do with a little help to look as fabulous as theirs. It seems like all us mere mortals need one of two things:

  • A little help to give us some size and shape back there
  • A pair of jeans that don’t flatten our butts and take away our shape

It seems like we can’t win! Fortunately, Colombian butt lift jeans have come along and saved the day. Below, we’ll guide you through what butt lift jeans are and where they came from, how they shape your booty, and of course, our recommendations!

What are Butt Lift Jeans?

First created by Colombian designer Gregorio José Rivera Quiroz, these popular jeans are designed to shape the behind in a way that draws attention and emphasizes its natural volume and shape.

Unlike body shaping garments, these butt shaping jeans do not compress your stomach or feel odd to move in at first, though many do offer additional tummy control. They’re designed for fashion and aesthetics — comfort and beauty in equal measure!

When the idea of hyper-feminine shapes and busy design became “the thing” after the relatively boyish shapes of the 90s and these jeans first became popular, they were heavily embellished. Often covered in gems, pearls and rhinestones, these butt lifting jeans were all about eye-catching design, intricate detail, and a gorgeous shape.

Butt lifting jeans have since become less embellished, with ladies favoring a more subtle pattern and more emphasis on the shape, but their stitching often nods back to those early designs.

What's your booty shape?

How Do Butt Lift Jeans Work?

Butt lift jeans, (also known as levanta cola jeans, push up jeans or booty lift jeans) help lift the buttocks and hold them in shape. Some brands of butt lifting jeans only focus on the behind, but many of them also provide tummy support, contour and slim the legs.

They do this by using a material with more elasticity (which has the added benefit of being more comfortable than denim), unique stitching to add shape, and “darts” to add more of a curvy shape to the butt and waistband. In other words, no more gaping at the back of your waistband, and also no more butt-flattening jeans — it’s no wonder so many people only wear butt lift jeans!

Different Kinds of Butt Lift Jeans

Now you know how they work, let’s take a closer look at the different types of butt lift jeans so you understand what each design will do for your booty.

Wide Pockets

Best wide picket jeans

Wide pockets are such an easy way to add volume to your booty, and — if real — are practical, too. Wide pockets give you more width, and help your booty and hips appear wider, which in turn helps your waist look smaller, too!

Butt lift jeans with wide pockets are great for ladies with a V-shape butt or a square shaped butt, and want to give it a rounder shape.

Best Wide Pocket Jeans: Our “Merida” Jeans. Our Merida jeans are perfect for everyday use and are designed for all-day comfort, while doing exactly what we described above. Featuring unique stitching on the back, these jeans will give the appearance of a fuller, perkier butt. Our tummy control technology focuses on the lower abdomen region, sucking in your imperfections to create a smooth, hourglass shape.

No Pockets

Best no pocket jeans

Conversely, no pockets are also a superstar design in the butt lift jean world. If you’ve already got a great butt but find every pair of jeans you wear only serves to flatten or minimize it, this is for you.

No pocket jeans emphasize your natural size and shape, and the middle seam adds a natural and subtle touch that makes the booty pop!

Best No Pocket Jeans: Our “Sally” Jeans with no pockets. Super flattering and feminine, these jeans levanta cola feature a really cute lace hem on the ankles, making them perfect for dressing up or down. These jeans are made of 3% elastane, ensuring that you can move comfortably throughout the day, without your jeans losing their shape. These jeans work with you in harmony to create a shapely figure that takes away the emphasis from any bulges or uneven areas. 

Heart Shape Booty

Best heart shape jeans

The heart shape design is amazing on literally any shape — it will give you shape, enhance what you’ve already got, looks feminine, is easy to style, and is super comfortable, too. The heart-shaped stitching helps add volume to the top off your booty, as well as the bottom, helping give all over volume and shape. Seriously — every woman needs at least one pair in her collection.

Best Heart Shape Jeans: Our “Vegas” Butt Lift Jeans. Great for (literally!) all booty shapes, these jeans provide excellent tummy control. They give the illusion of longer, slimmer legs and are great for those without a defined butt shape. These booty lift jeans are made for all shapes and sizes and are made with a blend of soft cotton, breathable polyester and elastane to create a stretchy material that you can wear all day long. For a gorgeous heart-shaped booty that pops, these are the jeans for you!

“Wedgie” Jeans

Best wedgie jeans

Don’t worry, it’s far more comfortable than it sounds! The wedgie style of butt lift jean is perfect if your sick of the “uni-butt” look, if you want to make sure every aspect of your booty is enhanced and defined, or if you’ve already got a big beautiful butt and want to make sure you and everyone else knows it!

The design of these jeans lifts and separates the buttocks just enough to give each cheek its own time in the spotlight, while remaining ultra-comfortable for you.

Best Wedgie Jeans: Our “Elena” jeans. They lift and separate the booty cheeks and push them upwards, giving the behind a lovely outline and defined shape. With adorable cropped ankles and electric blue lining, these jeans offer dimension and shape for all booty types!

At Colombiana Boutique, we specialize in high-quality Colombian-made fashion products designed to shape, enhance and compliment all figures. Whether it’s butt lifting jeans, bras, body sculpting fajas or leggings you’re looking for, we guarantee that our unique and modern clothing is designed to last, and fit like a glove! To see our full range of jeans, click here.


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